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Small’s American Gin – Insider Story by Local Wine Co
July 15, 2010, 9:42 am
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Small’s American Dry Gin

Insider Story

Small’s is a micro distillery production gin that we produce in the small town of Sheridan, nestled into the northwest corner of Willamette Valley in Oregon. Our unique botanicals and copper pot distillation represent the style of American gin that you would have encountered circa 1830-1840 when spirits were a bit wild and more aromatically intense. I love showing this gin to people who have the oh too frequent story, “I got sick on gin in high school.” Two things, what the hell were you doing getting hammered on your mom’s cheap gin, and two, don’t you think you’ve learned a thing or two since your wild and dumb days as an adolescent. So pull your pants up and get back on the gin wagon. Small’s has a palate that is soft and smooth, unlike the more piercing London Dry style. The juniper (pine needle aroma) is subtle and elegantly intertwined with spices like cardamom and angelica root with under tones of fruit and citrus. It is truly an elegant gin and is growing rapidly in popularity with drinkers and mixologist across the country.

So what’s behind a name? Small’s was named for the tiny batch production that is yielded from our Alembic copper pot still. It was also named Small’s to stick a finger in the air at all the small minded people who passed the 18th Amendment in 1920 prohibiting the sales of alcohol in the USA. Down with small minded people. And I’m not saying, I’m just posting that there was a fantastic character in American history that was so moved by the Teatotaler’s movement that upon hearing a rousting speech about the den of sin alcohol consumption was he went on a four day bender, then reformed and became one of the most outspoken advocates for Prohibition. Well, we say, “The People Have Spoken,” and Prohibition was a 13 year blight on the American people and was duly repealed in 1933. Thank heavens.

So grab a tall glass, fill it with ice and pour in a moderate dose of Small’s gin mixed with fresh squeezed lemon and lime, a pinch of sugar and soda water and ponder the history

More to come on Mr. Small….


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