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Wine, Tennis & Fundamentals by cdbakunas
September 9, 2010, 4:57 pm
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Watching the US Open makes me think that tennis and the wine business are not that very different (in a fundamental sort of way).  Athletes need time to grow, dedication in order to succeed, persistence in adverse times, clarity of vision of the end result. Mix this all together and you have a world class athlete. Apply the same rules to wines and you get a balanced, vibrant and delicious bottle of wine that won’t disappoint. Vines need time to mature in order to deliver high quality fruit.  Young vines can be exciting, just like the young 18 year old American tennis player Harrison (LINK TO HARRISON ESPN PAGE) who was narrowly defeated by Sergiy Stakhovsky in a riveting match, but they can be inconsistent as well.  Experience and age will often make all the difference in the world for consistency and success.

If your mission is to be excellent then you’ll need to tackle adversity at each stage in the game. As a tennis player looks down three break points their mental attitude will greatly determine the outcome.  As wine is being made during challenging vintages every winemaker must steadfastly and quickly determine a course of action and how to maintain excellence, quality and drinkability in their wines. This is achieved through perseverance and experience.  A never give up attitude is required in farming, winemaking and of course tennis.

The goal to win, or the goal to produce excellent wines is rooted in the same drive: pursuit of excellence. It is a thrilling ride when things are going your way, ask Nadal. And it is heartbreaking when they don’t, ask any Oregon winemaker from 2007 vintage.  Such is life, it goes up and it goes down.

In the end sports and wine making, for me, have so much in common. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Always work your fundamentals so your base and core is strong. Learn quickly from your mistakes, they are the best teachers I’ve found in the pursuit of excellence.

Eat and drink large, and never give up.

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