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How many bottles of wine are in…? by cdbakunas
October 25, 2010, 1:58 pm
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Ever wonder how many bottles of wine come from an acre of vineyard? Or how many gallons of wine are in a 12 btl case? Even perhaps how many bottles come out of a wine barrel? Of course these numbers may fluctuate based on tons per acre, angel’s share (evaporation), what size barrel or bottle you might be discsussing but here are some interesting numbers you might want to bookmark or download onto your hand held for those evenings that you play Wine Trivia or when you need to impress your father in law while dining out at a fancy restaurant.

Spring cover crop in a California Vineyard

California Spring Vineyard

One bottle of wine = 750 ml or 1/5 of a gallon

One case of 12 750ml bottles = 2.4 gallons

One Barrel = 60 gallons – 25 cases or 300 750 ml bottles

One Ton of Grapes = approximately 700 bottles of wine

One Acre of Vineyards – Low yield for high quality wines = 2-4 tons

One Acre of Vineyards – High yield for less expensive wines = 10 tons

Bottle Sizes and Names

Piccolo = .1875 liter (also known as a snipe or a split)

Chopine = .25 liter

Demi = .375 liter (half bottle)

Jennie = .5 liter

Standard = .750 liter

Magnum = 1.5 liter

Jeroboam = 3.0 liter

Methuselah = 6 liter

Salmanazar = 9 liter

Balthazar = 12 liter

Nebuchadnezzar = 15 liter


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