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To Make A Cocktail Day 1: Preparation by cdbakunas
December 14, 2010, 1:32 pm
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David Wondrich is widely regarded as one of America’s leading cocktail historians. He’s the author of Imbibe, Punch, Esquire Drinks, Killer Cocktails, Stomp and Swerve and writes for national publications like Saveur and Esquire.  His book Imbibe documents several centuries of the evolution of American cocktails and highlights the famed “Professor” Jerry Thomas, perhaps the grandaddiest of the grandaddies of barmen in 19th century.

Our beautiful American cities are being swept by desire to experience classic cocktails and I want to be a part of this. What is old is new, except in this instance everyone knows that old is still is old: classic, proven and when dutifully executed, fantastic.  My goal this winter is to make every classic cocktail in Wondrich’s book Imbibe. It is one thing to read about our cocktail legends and recipes from eras long gone, it’s another to recreate them and share elixirs with friends and family.  Now to get started I need to equip our bar with the proper tools and as Wondrich says, “simpler is better.” So here are the bare bone essentials that you and I will need (especially if you plan to make these cocktails along with me – which is highly encouraged. Drinking alone has its drawbacks and I’m not certain if my wife will be enthusiastic about my winter experiment so I’ll need a few drinking partners).

Bar gear: Essentials as outlined by Wondrich.

Mixing glass and shaker

Hawthorne strainer

Barspoon for stirring

Julep strainer

Large and small mixing glass (12oz and 5-8oz)

Cocktail glass 3-5oz stemmed and v shaped

Earthenware mug

Collins glass 14-160z

Tumbler 8oz

Fizz Glass 6-8oz

Red wine glass (also known as a Claret glass)

Sherry glass 2oz

Pony glass (narrow stemmed, small 1oz glass)

We’ll need a full complement of spirits which I recommend building up over time. No need to go out and buy $500 worth of booze in one fell swoop.

Tomorrow night I will begin on page 66 and make our first cocktail from the Punch category.

We will start with the classic pre Civil War Brandy Punch and then make three variations of this punch: Curacoa Punch, West Indian Punch, and the Barbadoes Punch.

Maybe we should call this blog roll “Being David?” (lol)

See you soon!


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