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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Absinthe by cdbakunas
November 9, 2012, 8:52 am
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Cocktail Corner November

Last week I spent some time talking with Graham Wasilition, creator and founder of Tenneyson Absinthe Royal . As usual we got to talking cocktails. One of the many unique things about Tenneyson, amidst the world of absinthe, is that Graham specifically made rhymes with his botanicals and flowers so that Tenneyson could parallel certain aromatics and qualities of gin. When you smell Tenneyson it is unmistakably absinthe, additionally there is a deep savory aromatic that hits you. When you stop to think about it “un-gin” cocktails can go sky high with Absinthe (and as you know I love gin, we make gin, we bath in gin). Graham mentioned, “The Un-Gin is such a good jumping off point for the category and it suits Tenneyson extremely well. Not taking away any of the quality and absinthe backbone but it gives a relatable place for barmen and women to start to conjure up ideas and bring new excitement to a pigeonholed category.”

What we wanted to start today was a monthly dialogue on cocktails and have this be as interactive as you would like. So many of you (readers) are such accomplished bartenders that a rolling dialogue about absinthe and cocktails this month should be fun.

Cocktails for thought here are some of our un-gin formulas (I prefer the term formulas over recipes. Because a recipe is something you follow, but your bar, my bar, your equipment and mine and your rail and my rail just aren’t the same, so please take liberties with these formulas).

And thank you Graham Wasilition for the lively dialogue, the great suggestions and the incredible Tenneyson Absinthe.

Gin Classics that do very well with a Tenneyson substitute:

Negroni, Tom Collins, Corpse Reviver #2

Fall/Winter Seasonal Cocktail Suggestions:

Tenneyson Cider

The Tenneyson Negroni:

Just use classic recipe but replace some of gin with Tenneyson

0.75 oz Campari

0.5 oz Sweet Vermouth

0.75 oz Tenneyson

0.5 oz Gin

Orange Peel Garnish

The Tenneyson Tom Collins (Tenney Fizz):

Replace Gin in classic recipe with Tenneyson

1 oz Tenneyson

0.5 oz simple syrup

1 oz Citrus (lemon, lemon/orange, grapefruit)

Top with Soda and Citrus wheel

Really Reviving Corpse Reviver #2:

Kind of flips the cocktail around…Play with ratio of Gin to Tenneyson from classic recipe…normally 1oz. gin vs. 1 dash absinthe

0.5 oz Gin

0.5 oz Tenneyson

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz Lillet Blanc

1 oz Lemon

Thought Provoking Cider:

1 oz Tenneyson

3-4 oz Apple Cider

0.5 oz honey

5 dash of Bittermens Mole Bitters


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