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Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Dinner at Root by cdbakunas

Thursday night, July 26th Local Wine & Spirits and Ransom will host a spirited dinner with our friends at Root Restaurant in New Orleans. The critically acclaimed mixologist, Lynn House, will be mixing libations that will surely knock your socks off. Here is Tales’ link to the event. Sign up now, only 50 seats are available. The dinner is called “Kaleidoscope.” Tell your friends and spread the word.

Take a peek at the cocktails and the menu.

Cocktail Menu:

2012  Tales of the Cocktail       Kaleidescope Dinner at Root NOLA

Welcome Reception:         Chuck’s Berries

2 oz Exhcange Vodka,  .5 oz lemon juice, .5 oz rich simple syrup, 1.0 oz assorted fresh berry purees (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry), 1.5 oz spakling wine.  Served in a champagne glass or coupe, fresh berry for garnish

A Little Piece of Me (served with Amuse)
1 oz Smalls Gin, Fennel Syrup, (fresh lemon, apple, and orange juice), served in a shot glass as a cocktail amuse, Smalls and the fennel are the base, lemon, apple and orange will be the alternating flavors.

First Course: Tainted Love

3 oz Murphy’s Law  Reisling, .75 oz assorted herb syrups (rosemary, sage, basil amd thyme), .5 oz lemon, 3 drops of assorted bitters (fee orange, lemon, grapefruit, and bittermen’s celery).  Serve in a white wine glass

Second Course: Taken For Hostage

2 oz Ransom Old Tom Gin, .5 oz lime juice, .5 oz simple syrup, 1 egg white, 3 oz assorted homemade soda (made with Bittermen Liqueurs as a base; Citron Sauvage, Amere Sauvage and Commonwealth Tonic)   Served in a collins glass, lime wheel for garnish

Third Course: Tea and Sympathy
1.5 oz Exchange Vodka, .5 oz fresh lemon juice, .25 oz agave nectar. 1.5 oz assorted tea ( Rare Tea Cellars, Freak of Nature Oolong, Blood Orange Pu-erh, Cider Spice Noir, Emperor’s Nectar)  served in a rocks glass, light ice with a lemon twist.

Fourth Course: Red Red Wine

3 oz Ransom Pinot Noir, .5 oz agave nectar, .5 oz lime juice, .25 oz assorted vinegars (Martin Pouret Vinaigare D’Oleans Citron &Piment), Fruits Rouges, Ceidre de Miel), 3 drops of Boyajian citus oils (lime, lemon and orange)  Served as a frappe, in a red wine glass over crushed ice and garnish with edible flowers.

Fifth Course: Manhattan

2 oz Whipper Snapper Whiskey, 1 oz Punt e Mes, . 75 oz assorted citrus juice (2 with lime one with lemon), .5 oz assorted spiced syrups (tajin, sumac, and red chile flake), 6  pieces of assorted golden fruits ( mango, apricot and peach) , 3 drops of assorted bitters ( Angostura, Bitter Truth Creole, Fee Brothers Old Fashion)  Serve up in a cocktail glass, brandied ranier cherry for garnish

Dessert Cocktail: Dreaming of Alexander

2 oz Smalls Gin, .25 oz lemon juice, 2 oz heavy whipping cream, .5 oz vanilla cardamon syrup,  i oz of assorted purees ( apple, orange marmalade, apricot/ginger, pineapple, rhubarb, plum, tamarind and pear)  serve in a cocktail or coupe, vanilla dust for garnish

Dinner Menu:

Chef’s Menu – Phillip Lopez

Amuse 1
Pickled Local Radish
Cauliflower Crema, Chocolate Espresso Gravel, Hibiscus Tea Glass

Amuse 2
Lobster “Bouillabaisse”
Gilded Citron Lobster Knuckle Galantine, Black Saffron Rice

First Course
Grilled Compressed Watermelon Salad
Pimentón Tuna, Nitro Avocado Pearls, Chili Lime Vinaigrette

Second Course
Sweet Corn Gnocchi
Miso Butterscotch, Local Chanterelles, Spiced Corn Nuts

Middle Eastern Falooda
Turkish Spiced Coconut Milk, Puffed Rice, Jasmine Grapefruit Sorbet, Blueberry Vermicelli

Third Course
Black Tea Smoked Gulf Fish
Cauliflower Purée, Celeriac Citrus Salad

Fourth Course
Black Lacquered Rabbit
Root Beer Braised Greens, Licorice Cardamom Glacé, Moroccan Spiced Grits

Fifth Course
Herb Encrusted Lamb Loin
Parsnip Bark, Shiitake Barigoule, Charred Peach Mostarda Dessert

“Rocky Dirt Road”
Chocolate Dirt, Vanilla Marshmallow, Chocolate Praline, Rocky Road Ice Cream


Ransom Spirits: What’s In a Name? by cdbakunas
June 5, 2012, 10:34 am
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The Hooch Life publishes lifestyle articles for enthusiastic drinkers that want to find out what’s happening in the wonderful world of craft. They took a day to hang with Tad Seestedt at what we affectionately call “the farm,” and Emily Hutto created this awesome video. Check out the video.

Ransom Spirits, What’s in a Name Video – Click Here?

Local Goes to Tales 2012! by cdbakunas

We are so excited to host a spirited dinner this year at Tales of the Cocktail 2012. The host restaurant is Root in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. And Lynn House is our mixologist extraordinaire. Root is a progressive American restaurant that balances technique, flavor and focus with a respect for food that is the exception, rather than the norm. Chef owner Phillip Lopez has said, “To me, cooking is a form of communication, and I want to talk to my guests through each bite they take. Meals were an important part of my childhood; eating together as a family, talking about the past and the future, and food invokes those memories and helps create a new story.”

Our dinner will be themed “Kaleidoscope Cocktail.” What does this mean? Lynn House has created an incredible menu where our spirits are mixed into five different drinks and each cocktail has multiple iterations in order to show how changing a single element in any cocktail yields very different and delicious results. The twist is that each table of imbibers will not get all of the iterations, they’ll only receive one, thus fostering a drinking and dining experience of dialogue, questions and sharing.

Who is Lynn House? An amazing woman with a passion for all things delicious and perfectly executed.

Lynn’s Bio:

Chief Mixologist at Blackbird

Lynn is a proud member of the United States Bartender’s Guild.  Prior to taking over the cocktail program at Blackbird Lynn was the Beverage Director and Chief Mixologist for Graham Elliot, as well as, one of the original Master Bartenders at the acclaimed The Drawing Room.  Lynn is a graduate of the Academy of Spirits and Fine Service, The Academy of Culinary Mixology, Bar Smarts Advanced, The British American Drama Academy and Miami University.  Competition wins include 2011 Top Ten Finalist for Tales of the Cocktail, 2011 National Finalist for Don Q Ultimate Mix Off, 2011 national finalist for Bacardi Legacy, 2010 grand prize winner for Absolut Rebel, 2010 national finalist for Shake It UP, 2010 National finalist 42 Below World Cup Cocktail competition, 2010 national finalist Benedictine/Esquire Magazine Alchemist of our Age, and 2009 national finalist for Bombay Sapphire/GQ Magazine Most Inspired Bartender.

Lynn is a regular on WCIU’s You, Me and the Morning show and writes Fresh Pour, a monthly column for Plate Magazine.  Other television experiences include Windy City Live, The Craftsman Experience, ABC-7 and NBC-5.  Lynn was recognized by Cheeky Magazine as one of the top 10 women in Chicago for 2011, as well as, the Chicago Reader as one of the People of Year.  Lynn’s work has been featured in Esquire, Gentleman’s Quarterly, Ebony, Bon Appetit,  Saveur, Cheers, The Tasting Panel, Imbibe, Martha Stewart, Time Out Chicago, Forbes Traveler, The Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune, and The Bartender’s Gin Compendium. She is featured in   Imbibe’s The Amereican Cocktail as well as Gaz Regan’s top 101 Cocktails for 2010.  Lynn was recognized by Gaz Regan as one of the top 20 Most Fabulous Bartenders in the World.  Lynn is currently a nominee for the prestigious Jean Banchet awards for Mixologist of the year.

Over the years Lynn has taught mixology classes at The Academy of Spirits and Fine Service as well as Kendall College.  She has designed and executed cocktails for The James Beard Foundation. Share Our Strengths, The Elanor Foundation, Girls Rock, Blue Sky, and The Meals on Wheels Celebrity Chef’s Ball.  For the past two years she has been one of the Co Hosts for Meals on Wheels.  Lynn has been a featured mixologist for Chicago Gourmet 2009, 2010 and 2011, PlateCooks 2010, 2011 and The Bon Appetit Kohler Food and Wine Experience 2011.  Lynn is one of the founders of Eat, Drink and Be Midwest.

Cocktail Recipes for the Holidays by cdbakunas
December 8, 2010, 4:18 pm
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If your holidays are anything like mine they require quite a bit of self-indulgence and perhaps a small measure of over serving (particularly to myself at the ubiquitous family get togethers). So in the spirit of sharing I bring you three amazingly tasty cocktails that our friend and bartender extraordinaire, Briar Bratkney, at Vincent Restaurant, turned out last week.

Grab some gin and whiskey and give these a whirl…they are balanced, delicious and unique and you’ll for sure be the hit of the party.

Hold Me For Ransom

2 oz Ransom Old Tom Gin
1/2 oz Lillet Blanc
8 dashes orange bitters
Muddled grape fruit wedge
Fresh tarragon
*muddle grapefruit in bottom of
a tall glass, add gin, lillet and
orange bitters. Add tarragon,
ice, stir and garnish with a
brandied cherry.

Bed of Roses

1 1/2 oz Small’s Gin
1/2 oz Koval Rose Hip Liqueur
2 rose petals
1 sprig of rosemary
*serve in a tall glass with ice,
splash of soda water and
garnish with sprig of rosemary.

One Hot Whip

2 oz Whipper Snapper
1 oz Tawny Port
1/2 squeezed lemon
2 1/2 oz hot cider
1 oz hot water
*serve in a clear coffee glass,
finish with sprinkled cinnamon,
lemon zest and a cinamon stick

How to make a Martinez Cocktail by cdbakunas
November 4, 2010, 4:35 pm
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I just visited Boston and met two great bartenders at a new restaurant/bar/speakeasy, Foundry on Elm, in Somerville, Mass.

Ethan and Andy were kind enough to make a few  Martinez cocktails with me. FYI, the lemon rind absolutely makes the drink. No lemon rind and oil, 50% less good, truly. But what is the Martinez? Well, I’m glad you asked. This is the grandfather, the papi, the old guy that spawned the ubiquitous martini and manhattan.

Great and scintillating debate surrounds the origins of the Martinez. We are certain that the cocktail was born in the 19th century. Much credit flows towards bartender extraordinaire Jerry Thomas that this gin and sweet vermouth cocktail was first made at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco for a miner that was headed to Martinez, California (a town about 35 north and east of San Francisco – just north of Walnut Creek). Whatever the truth may be I do know that this is one helluva tasty cocktail when done well. Here’s the video recipe. Enjoy – Sante!

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